Doing it for the Dharma


‘Doing it for the Dharma: A tale of inspiring Women following their sou’s calling’, is a new series I have created, which was received by a download of intuitive guidance after my Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Session (QHHT).

The intention behind this series, is to interview empowering and inspiring women, who are following their soul’s calling (Dharma), in order to inspire other women to also step into their own Divine Power and create the lives they want to live.

During this series, each month there will be a new interview, with a new inspiring woman following her life purpose. In the interviews we will hear all about their journeys and how they got to where they came to be, including offering advice for women who also want to follow their Dharma, but don’t know where to begin.

So what is Dharma?

The word ‘Dharma’ holds roots within Yogic, Hindu & Buddhist traditions. Depending upon the lens of tradition through which you look at the concept of Dharma, there is a slightly different perspective upon it’s meaning and intent. (Which makes sense as these traditions can be very similar to one another, yet in many ways different).

The Yogic Tradition:

From a Yogic perspective, we are all here on this Earth with an individual life mission or purpose (Dharma). In order to have the courage to follow our Dharma, we must prepare ourselves on all mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Through the practice of yoga, we build strength and courage to increase our capability to tolerate fear and discomfort, in the journey which accompanies following our Dharma.

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The Hindu Tradition:

In Hinduism, Dharma is considered to be a Universal Law, representing the very foundation of life which holds everything together. Dharma implies a ‘right way’ to live from a moral perspective, and is closely related to the concept of service and duty to others. It is believed that all beings must accept their Dharma, in order for harmony and order to exist in the world. When one follows their Dharma, they are perusing their truest calling, playing their universal role and serving all other beings.

What I really love about this Hindu perspective, is that The Bhagavad Gita (one of Hinduism’s central sacred texts), states that it is better to do your own Dharma poorly, than to do someone else’s Dharma well. In other words, it’s better to do a bad job at following your own life purpose, than a great job in following someone else’s.


The Buddhist Tradition:

Similarly to the Hindu tradition, Dharma in Buddhism, is also considered a natural Law which holds the Universe together, and also has very strong links to ethically carrying out one’s purpose, which ultimately is in harmony with serving all beings. Dharma (or sometimes also Dhamma in Buddhism) on the external level, is referred both to the teachings and path of practice that Buddha taught to his followers.

The three total levels of meanings of Dharma/Dhamma represents the words of the Buddha, the practice of his teachings and the attainment of Enlightenment. Therefore it can be considered that to follow your own Dharma, is a path towards Enlightenment. For further information on Dharma from a Buddhist perspective click here.


How does it work?

Each month I will be interviewing a new inspiring woman, who is walking along the Wild Path of following her life’s purpose. During the interview we will find out all about her life story, and how she came to where she is now, including offering advice to women who also want to follow their Dharma, but don’t know where to start.

The first episode is out now! Click here to watch our first interview. Keep up to date with Doing it for the Dharma on our Facebook Page.