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What is the Wild Woman Project?

“The Wild Woman Project is at once a philosophy (an invigorating approach to life as a wondrous, often messy, creative project) & a growing movement of courageous, creative, heart centered (often weird & wonderful) women on a mission to remember, to re-imagine what it means to be a woman – untamed”. -The Wild Woman Project website

“The WWP is the world’s largest global community of Women’s New Moon Circle Leaders, who use loving and compassionate tools, with the intention of re-awakening the Wild Spirit burning within.” -Maddie Lynch


What can I expect from a Wild Woman Project Circle?

At a Wild Woman Project Circle you can expect to feel your heart expand, feel the love and support from your fellow sisters and be free to express yourself and be heard, in a safe, loving and supportive space. Sometimes there will be tears releasing deeply held emotions, sometimes tears of joy, often lots of laughter and a deep sense of connection to yourself and the group. You can expect to leave the circle feeling uplifted and nourished from within, knowing that you have a loving community of sisters who are there to support you on your journey.

Workshop/Circle Reviews


Here’s what women who have attended Maddie’s circle have to say:

“I went to Maddie´s "Find your intuition workshop" and was blown away by the experience. The atmosphere was really nice and powerful. I felt free and safe to open myself and just be me; surrounded by an amazing group of sisters. I´m looking foward to the next workshop in July!”

-Claudia ZL

“I attended my first workshop with Maddie this past weekend and left feeling refreshed and inspired. Also I say first because I already signed up for her next workshop! Thanks for guiding us in such a wonderful experience, Maddie! Will definitely be recommending to my friends”

-Mary Zimmermann

“Maddie is an amazing yoga teacher and the sweetest human being. The positive energy vibrations will instantly get you! I attended a workshop focusing on the divine feminine and the reconnection to our inner goddess. The course left me feeling light, blissful and in contact with my true self. We took a closer look at ourselves and each other, realising who we are, our connection to this world and to mother nature. And most importantly that we are all one, going through the same processes and hardships but we are strong enough to overcome everything when we take care of our inner goddesses. Thank you Maddie for this reminder, until next time”

-Anna Makri

“Yesterday I went to a great Workshop with Maddie Lynch called |Connecting to the Divine Feminine: Reawaken your inner Goddess| and it was absolutely so worth it. Maddie is an inspiring and heartwarming woman. There was so much beautiful detail and love in everything and just the right atmosphere to relax inbetween other inspiring and open-minded women. The thought that sticked to me the most was "Embrace your perfect imperfections", just these lines felt so warm and caressing. There is so much truth in these words in a time where society wants to make sure we are always the same perfect, in comparison to oneself and others. Instead, let us see the beauty in the calm and variety. One moment I respect highly, it took place in the Goddess Meditation in honor of Mother Earth we were led through, I was able to envision Her telling me to "Preserve (your) true nature." For me it meant I am on the right path. It is so heartwarming and true to feel that everything goes back to nature. If Maddie is teaching near you, make sure to go to take time for yourself and restore”

-Elisa Saha