Pricing Structure:

I have changed the pricing structure of my workshops, to support my community more, by allowing an expression of gratitude (through a reduced rate) for those amazing human beings who attend my workshops regularly.

For the ease and simplicity of things, I have broken the pricing structure down into 3 categories (Seed, Sprout & Sunflower). These categories are by no means a representation of people, and one is not better than the other. They are simply metaphorical in nature, to symbolize the journey one takes with me during my workshops.

I have also included some bonus options for when you reach your 5th & 10th workshop as a further expression of gratitude for all of your love and support in our community of amazing people.

With love,



The seed price is for all of our workshop first timers (who have not yet attended a workshop), who would like to be planted into our loving community of inspiring people. This workshop will be the regular price, however when you enjoy the event and would like to come back, we can offer you some sunshine & water in the form of discounted prices.


The sprout price is for those who have previously attended 1 of our workshops (or had a Reiki session), and therefore have grown some roots in our community. As a huge thank you we would love to offer you 10% off your second workshop, as we’re so grateful to support our returning members!


This sunflower price is for those who have previously attended 2 or more of our workshops/Reiki sessions, and have therefore fully grown into our community of sunflowers. As a huge thank you for showing your support and attending regularly, we would love to offer you 20% off of all of our upcoming workshops. As we’re so grateful for your presence and your contribution to our co-created sacred space of love and support.


Bonus Gifts:

I wanted to add in a few bonus gifts along the way in our journey together:

-Once you have attended 5 of my workshops/Reiki sessions, we would love to offer you a one time 50% off your 6th workshop/Reiki session. (After your 6th workshop, the pricing will remain at 20% off).

-Once you have attended a total of 10 of my workshops/Reiki sessions, you will receive a free 1-hour Reiki treatment from me.

Photo 16-5-18, 6 03 03 pm.jpg

How does it work?

I have created a data-base of all previous workshop attendees/Reiki clients, since I began officially running workshops in studio’s since November 2018. (Please note this does not include previous donation based park events prior to this date).

Based on your previous attendance/Reiki sessions, you can select the option which is applicable to you (seed/sprout/sunflower). If you are unsure of your previous attendance and what category to select, you are welcome to send me a message or email, and I can check the data base.

Once you know your price category, you can select this price on the paypal button on your desired event. And Voilà! You will then receive an email of booking confirmation and will be given all of the event information needed.

Terms & Conditions:

  • This pricing structure is only applicable to paid events. Therefore previous donation-based events attendance, does not count towards workshop attendance.

  • This pricing structure is only applicable to events run by myself. Co-collaborated events may need to be the original structure, unless the individual I am co-hosting with agrees to this structure.

  • A data base has been made of all previous workshop attendees, and therefore we can simply keep track of the attendance, so that you can receive your discounts & bonus gifts

  • If the incorrect option has been selected, you will either be fully-refunded and asked to select the correct option. Or it is possible that you can pay the remaining balance on the day.

  • If you cancel your place at a workshop, this is not counted as 1 attendance, but you can still use your ticket towards an upcoming event with Maddie (this is not possible for collaborated workshops).

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