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Throughout human history, women have gathered together under the cycles of the moon in ceremony. But why?

The moon is deeply symbolic of the Divine Feminine, due to her Yin (calming and internal) energy, and mysterious cyclical nature.. She rules the tidal waves of the ocean, and influences our own menstrual cycles. She symbolises the unconscious mind, left brain activity (such as creativity) and is deeply emotional and empathetic. All of which represent qualities of Divine Feminine energy.


Moon circles create a space for sharing and sisterhood, where we can gather together as a loving community of women, who want to support one another and help each other grow (without the need for competition, comparison or pettiness).

New Moon

A New Moon is the beginning of a new cycle, representing a fresh start in life. This is a wonderful time for women to come together to plant and sow their seeds of intentions for the next lunar cycle ahead. This means getting clear about exactly what we want to bring into our lives, and what is no longer working for us. We can use a number of different rituals to see what resonates on a soul level of what to call into our lives, through the use of oracle cards, meditation, guided visualizations and journalling prompts.

Full Moon

Gathering on the Full Moon represents a time of harvest, where we are reaping the fruits of what we have sown at the New Moon time. Therefore, the Full Moon is typically a time where our manifestations are coming into fruition. This is a great period to think about what we need to let go of, in order for the new to enter into our lives. This can mean letting go of certain destructive behaviours, limiting beliefs or toxic emotional states (such as anger and resentment). This can often mean that around the Full Moon, it’s great to focus on the role of forgiveness (not only of ourselves but of others), so we can truly come into alignment with our Higher Self.

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