Eli's Story

“A tale of inspiring women' following their soul’s calling”

Eli Glezvalle


Eli started her spiritual journey six years ago when she got in touch with Reiki, Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation. Later she began to read in depth about Buddhism, which led her to change her lifestyle towards a more compassionate and healthy way of living: through veganism. Her life brought her to a point where she realised that she was no longer happy with her chosen career and way of living.

In order to heal herself from her past, she discovered the Shamanic path and fell deeply in love with it. She is currently working on her regular job, however she is simultaneously running Shamanic projects in Düsseldorf, with the intention of bringing people together in circles for shamanic practices (Moon circles, Shamanic drumming, Women’s Rituals & Sacred Sexuality). .

Eli encourages specially women to reconnect to their true Feminine nature and the healer within. However she does also include both men and women in her sexual healing work. Eli’s has managed to keep the balance between both worlds (her spiritual life/dharma with the her everyday career), proving to women that you can have a full time job whilst following you soul’s true calling (which Eli believes can change your life in ways you couldn’t even imagine).

Eli’s Story

Here is our first ever episode of Doing it for the Dharma. We did record this episode outside on Eli’s balcony, and then some building started happening in the background. So hopefully the noises wont distract you from the beautiful messages within this interview. We hope you enjoy the episode!

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Eli’s Journey with Shamanism

“I started to realise my life was on one hand defined by my work on the corporate business to pay my bills, but on the other hand I had a feeling of emptiness that I did not know how to fill or change. I broke up a long relationship, which was for me a big change, an a new start in my life. I felt sexually very blocked and worried. I knew I needed some help, and at that time I had my first experience with Shamanism. I recognised since that moment that Shamanism is something that fulfills my soul, and gives me peace and freedom. I felt I had finally touched something that will help me to find my real Dharma. 

I was luckily enough to meet Shaman Hawk and Shaman Orsolya in Germany where I live. With them I have learned so much and have the opportunity of practising on a regular basis. I feel this is a path for my heart and I am willing to change my lifestyle and jump into the healing work. I am currently much focused on women circles, connecting women back to their pure femininity, sexuality and power. But I also incorporate sometimes men in my circles and want to get deeper into the Sex Magic and sexual healing in which I was recently initiated. I believe and feel that sexual energy is our life force, and in Shamanism this energy force is used to clear blockages and traumas from our life, manifest things on the physical plane and reconnect humans to their original sexual nature on Earth without any shame, fear and guilt. 

Currently I am running the website Healers of Earth with other two soul sisters who want to walk this path together. This is an open community which offers different activities like women circles, talks, private massages, ceremonies and meditations. I also run the website Shamanism Düsseldorf with my teachers Shaman Hawk and Shaman Orsolya. We will offer new appointments and workshops soon by the time they are back in Düsseldorf and also were are planning to go to other cities in Germany. If you have any questions in general to any of us please do not hesitate to contact at anytime. We would love to answer any private questions or general about Shamanism.

I still have my regular job which I need to have my income, but I have learned to be patient and go step by step, taking action towards my goals and trusting in the Universe to put the things together in the right order. I am trying to keep the balance between the two worlds and it can be exhausting sometimes, but when you feel a call from your heart you just need to flow with it at your own rhythm. It is important to keep this balance, so I do not feel frustrated to have chosen a career that I do not enjoy. It was part of my life and my own social programming at that time, but it is also part of my transformation process and awakening to have detached myself so much from the corporate career and leave my heart walking free to meet my soul. I think it can be a beautiful process and I encourage any woman to start making those changes regardless their age or job position. I believe women are natural healers and we have forgotten our true nature, mainly because of the pressure we have in our western society. But we are experiencing a big shift in our awareness, both women and men. I really believe men are starting to change their preferences to more meaningful sex and women are awakening to their true Goddess nature. I wish I can see more of these changes along my Dharma and help others to this magical awakening”.

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Elisa women circles and events: https://www.facebook.com/healersofearth/

Elisa, Hawk, Orsi shamanism: https://www.facebook.com/shamanismdusseldorf/

Meet up: https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/Shamanism-Dusseldorf/

Shaman Hawk facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shaman.hawk

Shaman Orsolya fb: https://www.facebook.com/shamanicwoman/

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This series was created by Maddie Lynch (The Vegan Yogi Traveller), Yoga Teacher, Wild Woman Project Circle Leader & Reiki Master. Maddie received the intuitive download to create this series, after experience a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) session. She hopes that all women will feel inspired to take action into following their soul’s calling (Dharma), during this lifetime.

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