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Yoniverse Wild Woman New Moon Circle

  • Friedensallee 26 Ottensen (map)
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Sisters come and join us for a co-collaborated Yoniverse Wild Woman Project New Moon Circle. 

Yoniverse is created and ran by Laura, who teaches women around Germany how to make their own sacred embroidered Yoni art. Too often we are taught to be ashamed of our yoni’s, and we are conditioned to believe that our menstrual cycles are dirty and disgusting. 

This is a great tragedy to Divine Feminine energy, which has been suppressed, squashed down and misrepresented for Millennia. 

Now times are changing, and us women are gathering together in Sisterhood, and re-awakening to the Divine Feminine energy and beauty, within and without. 

Within this sacred New Moon Circle, we will be reclaiming and recultivating our Goddess energy, by creating sacred embroidery Yoni art. Along with tapping into the Goddess through oracle cards, intuitive journaling, meditation, discovering the power of our menstrual blood and more.


New Moon in Scorpio-

Scorpio is a fixed Feminine charged water sign, ruled by the planet Mars (representing the planet of Drive/Motivation) & Pluto (Planet of Death & Transformation). Scorpio is ruled by the 8th House of  Sex, Money & Death. Within this New Moon Cycle, we will aim to recover, remember and reclaim the magic living within our wombs, and connect to the waters of the Earth.  

The Wild Woman Project-

At a Wild Woman Project Circle you can expect to feel your heart expand, feel the love and support from your fellow sisters and be free to express yourself and be heard, in a safe, loving and supportive space. Sometimes there will be tears releasing deeply held emotions, sometimes tears of joy, often lots of laughter and a deep sense of connection to yourself and the group. You can expect to leave the circle feeling uplifted and nourished from within, knowing that you have a loving community of sisters who are there to support you on your journey.

Photo taken by Ana (Pixiefotografie)

Photo taken by Ana (Pixiefotografie)


In celebration of the Divine Feminine, we invite women to experience and to create their personal embroidered yoniverse. Our aim is to help manifesting a beautiful and powerful image of our Sacred Femininity. Creative work brings us closer to our intuition and opens the space for communication. A creative flow can help to access and express our relationship towards our femininity and our vulva. 

First part: We start to feel into our body with breath work and elements from yoga. Afterwards we embark on a magical journey with a guided meditation. Here we explore and honour our own womb world in a loving and inspiring way. 

Second part: After this journey we manifest our vision and create our own vulva artwork on embroidery hoops. This part will be supported with practical advice in sewing and embroidery techniques. We will use colourful fabrics for collage and hand embroidery to bring our visions into life.



-Sage Blessing

-Opening Circle

-Introduction to the Sacred Feminine 

-Oracle Card Guidance 


-Guided Womb Healing Meditation 

-Vegan potluck & Tea Break*

-Sewing & Embroidery techniques by Laura

-Creating our Yoniverse Art**

-Closing Circle 

*We will be providing herbal tea & some light vegan snacks, if you would also like to contribute a vegan snack to share with your Sisters that would be most appreciated.

**All materials provided & included in cost .

Your Workshop Guides-

Laura Lisa

Laura from Germany, is a Freelance Designer, carpenter, passionated Yoniverse Embroidery Artist and workshop instructor with the theme ''Girls can drill too''. Laura has hosted many Yoniverse workshops around Germany, inspiring women to tap back into their sacred Femininity by honouring the vulva through consciously created embroidery art. 

Connect with Laura here:





Maddie Lynch

Maddie is an International Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and a Wild Woman Project Circle Leader, and currently undergoing a two-year Womb Medicine Woman Training with Melanie Swan (The Sacred Womb). Maddie has travelled the world and lived in four different countries (and six cities). She has a first class degree in Psychology, and has many holistic interests such as vegan nutrition, sustainable living and female empowerment. Maddie is currently living in Hamburg (Germany), where she is teaching yoga in English across a range of different studios, hosting a wide variety of workshops for women (moon circles, reiki events, yoga, cacao ceremonies & more). She is also hosting global Yoga & Spiritual Retreats around the world. If you are in Hamburg, you can connect with Maddie through her Meetup group ‘Hamburg Reiki, Yoga & Meditation’, where you can find a list of all of her events and yoga classes.

You can read more about Maddie’s story and journey on featured article of Travels by Teslin.


Workshop Investment

I have changed my pricing structure to support our community of Sisters who attend my workshops regularly. The price paid for this workshop will depend on previous workshop attendance (not including donation based events).

Seed: New attendee (regular price)

Sprout: Previously attended 1 workshop/1 Reiki treatment (10% off)

Sunflower: Previously attended 2 or more workshops/ Reiki treatments (20% off)

For further information about this pricing structure, please check out my pricing section.

Seed: €55 (First time attendee)

Sprout: €49.50 (Previously attended once) 

Sunflower: €44 (Previously attended twice or more)

Yoniverse New Moon


Workshop Location:

The Area Yoga Studio. Friedensallee 26, Ottensen. Hamburg. 


Here’s what women who have attended Maddie’s circle’s have to say:

“I went to Maddie´s "Find your intuition workshop" and was blown away by the experience. The atmosphere was really nice and powerful. I felt free and safe to open myself and just be me; surrounded by an amazing group of sisters. I´m looking foward to the next workshop in July!”

-Claudia ZL

“I attended my first workshop with Maddie this past weekend and left feeling refreshed and inspired. Also I say first because I already signed up for her next workshop! Thanks for guiding us in such a wonderful experience, Maddie! Will definitely be recommending to my friends”

-Mary Zimmermann

“Maddie is an amazing yoga teacher and the sweetest human being. The positive energy vibrations will instantly get you! I attended a workshop focusing on the divine feminine and the reconnection to our inner goddess. The course left me feeling light, blissful and in contact with my true self. We took a closer look at ourselves and each other, realising who we are, our connection to this world and to mother nature. And most importantly that we are all one, going through the same processes and hardships but we are strong enough to overcome everything when we take care of our inner goddesses. Thank you Maddie for this reminder, until next time”

-Anna Makri

“Yesterday I went to a great Workshop with Maddie Lynch called |Connecting to the Divine Feminine: Reawaken your inner Goddess| and it was absolutely so worth it. Maddie is an inspiring and heartwarming woman. There was so much beautiful detail and love in everything and just the right atmosphere to relax inbetween other inspiring and open-minded women. The thought that sticked to me the most was "Embrace your perfect imperfections", just these lines felt so warm and caressing. There is so much truth in these words in a time where society wants to make sure we are always the same perfect, in comparison to oneself and others. Instead, let us see the beauty in the calm and variety. One moment I respect highly, it took place in the Goddess Meditation in honor of Mother Earth we were led through, I was able to envision Her telling me to "Preserve (your) true nature." For me it meant I am on the right path. It is so heartwarming and true to feel that everything goes back to nature. If Maddie is teaching near you, make sure to go to take time for yourself and restore”

-Elisa Saha

Doing it for the Dharma-

Doing it for the Dharma (4).png

Check out my brand new interview/podcast series ‘Doing it for the Dharma’, where I will be interviewing inspiring women who are following their sou’s calling.

To find out more about Mars’s journey, check out her full story on my website:

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