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Wild Woman New Moon Circle: DIY Dream Catchers

  • 26 Friedensallee Hamburg, HH, 22765 Germany (map)
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Crafting our Dreams

Wild Sisters, come and join us for our first official Wild Woman Project ft Creative Nights Moon Circle, celebrating the New Moon in the sign of Leo. We will be utilising the fiery, creative energy of Leo, by crafting our dreams to make our very own dream catchers to take home with us!

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Why the New Moon?

The New Moon is a very auspicious time for women to gather together, in celebration of Divine Feminine Energy. The new lunar cycle represents a time for new beginnings and fresh starts. The darkness of the New Moon is represented by the rich, fertile soil, where we can sow our seeds of intentions (literally into our dream catchers), and watch them sprout and come into fruition by the time the Full Moon comes around. Read more about New Moon rituals here.

Leo Energy

The sign of Leo is represented by the Lion. It’s the fire energy, the playful sign that’s filled with joy and referred to as the ‘Big Kid’s of the Zodiac’. They love to get creative, be social, seek adventure and be at the center of attention. So let’s get back to our childlike state and get CREATIVE with our hands! Let’s put OUR dreams and intentions at the center of OUR attention, to manifest the life that we deserve to live.

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Why Dream Catchers?

The dream catcher was created by the Native American-Indians, believed to have originated from a tribe called the Ojibwa Chippewa. According to the tribe, it was believed that a mysterious Spider Woman acted as a spiritual protector of their tribe, who looked over young children and new born babies. As the tribe grew larger, the women found it difficult to continuously watch over all tribe members, and so they created the dream catcher to act as the protector. Where they believed that not only do dream catchers catch good dreams, but they also represent a totem of positive energy, which also help to neutralize negative energies.

For our Moon Circle, we thought it would be really cool to energetically sow our New Moon intentions into our hand crafted dream catchers, so they can be protected and guided into our realities.

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What is special about a Wild Woman Project Circle?

The Wild Woman Project’s foundation is solidly based on the concept of Sisterhood, empowerment and loving acceptance. WWP circles are co-created to hold sacred space, where we can speak and be truly listened to, without the need for someone to step in, make comments, pass judgement or give advice. Our circle structure is created within sacred architecture, with the intention of uplifting and inspiring every woman to step into her own power, where we can help each other to grow into our Wildest potential. Read more about The Wild Woman Project here.

What is Creative Nights?

Based in Hamburg, Creative Nights brings participants quality workshops, in which they can learn new creative skills, meet new friends, and take their completed art home. With more than 1000 members and counting, Creative Nights strives to bring creative social events to your area, workplace, home and beyond. Our range of projects include marcrame, hand-lettering, water-colouring, paper flower workshops and so much more. No experience is required for these workshops, as all instructions and materials will be provided. The idea is to help you get back into your “creative flow”.

Photo taken from a Creative Night’s Workshop

Photo taken from a Creative Night’s Workshop

The Schedule:

-Opening Circle

-Grounding Meditation

-Introduction to our New Moon Theme

-Intention Setting Ritual

***Break (with herbal tea & vegan potluck***

-Crafting our Dream Catchers

-Guided Visualization

-Yoga Nidra

-Closing Circle

***We will be providing some light vegan snacks for the potluck, and we would be so grateful if you can contribute a vegan snack/dish/dessert to share with your sisters.

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Your Workshop Facilitators:


Jackie, originally from Hong Kong, moved to Hamburg after living in Canada for 12 years. Jackie is the founder and organizer of ‘Creative Nights’, where she designs one-of-a-kind art workshop experiences, to help you tap into your creative abilities in a community which inspires you. Jackie hosts bi-weekly or monthly creative workshops, offering a whole range of creative and art based activities. She is also collaborating with Maddie to provide her art workshops from a more spiritual perspective, as she believes that art is a great way to tap in, and listen to your intuition.

Read more about Jackie’s story here.

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Maddie is an International Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and Wild Woman Project Circle Leader, with a first class Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. After travelling and living around the globe, Maddie is now settled in Germany, where she runs Yoga classes, Meditation groups, Women’s Workshops, Cacao Ceremonies and Wild Women Project Moon Circles, for the International Spiritual Community of Hamburg. Maddie is very passionate about honouring the Divine Feminine, and supporting sisterhood among all women. At her circles you can expect to be welcomed into a loving and supportive family of Sisters, all gathering together to inspire and empower one another, helping each other to grow and flourish into their Wildest potential.

Read more about Maddie’s story here.



Friedensalle 26, Ottensen at ‘The Area’ Yoga Studio

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The investment for this four-hour collaborated workshop, including all of the materials for crafting your dream catcher is:

EARLY BIRD: 40€ (until 15.7.19)


Please note that we have a limited capacity for 12 Sisters, so if you are being called to attend, please book on soon to avoid disappointment.

New Moon Circle

(If you are drawn to attending this workshop but have financial difficulty, please reach out to us to see what we can work out).

Workshop Reviews

Here’s what women who have attended Maddie’s circle have to say:


“I went to Maddie´s "Find your intuition workshop" and was blown away by the experience. The atmosphere was really nice and powerful. I felt free and safe to open myself and just be me; surrounded by an amazing group of sisters. I´m looking foward to the next workshop in July!”

-Claudia ZL

“I attended my first workshop with Maddie this past weekend and left feeling refreshed and inspired. Also I say first because I already signed up for her next workshop! Thanks for guiding us in such a wonderful experience, Maddie! Will definitely be recommending to my friends”

-Mary Zimmermann

“Maddie is an amazing yoga teacher and the sweetest human being. The positive energy vibrations will instantly get you! I attended a workshop focusing on the divine feminine and the reconnection to our inner goddess. The course left me feeling light, blissful and in contact with my true self. We took a closer look at ourselves and each other, realising who we are, our connection to this world and to mother nature. And most importantly that we are all one, going through the same processes and hardships but we are strong enough to overcome everything when we take care of our inner goddesses. Thank you Maddie for this reminder, until next time”

-Anna Makri

“Yesterday I went to a great Workshop with Maddie Lynch called |Connecting to the Divine Feminine: Reawaken your inner Goddess| and it was absolutely so worth it. Maddie is an inspiring and heartwarming woman. There was so much beautiful detail and love in everything and just the right atmosphere to relax inbetween other inspiring and open-minded women. The thought that sticked to me the most was "Embrace your perfect imperfections", just these lines felt so warm and caressing. There is so much truth in these words in a time where society wants to make sure we are always the same perfect, in comparison to oneself and others. Instead, let us see the beauty in the calm and variety. One moment I respect highly, it took place in the Goddess Meditation in honor of Mother Earth we were led through, I was able to envision Her telling me to "Preserve (your) true nature." For me it meant I am on the right path. It is so heartwarming and true to feel that everything goes back to nature. If Maddie is teaching near you, make sure to go to take time for yourself and restore”

-Elisa Saha

A sneak preview into Maddie’s Workshops:

Retreat Yourself

Do you have any Summer plans this August? If not then come and join Maddie on her Sail Croatia Yoga & Meditation Retreat. Find out more information here.

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