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Cacao Ceremony & Heart Opening Yoga Flow

  • Area Yoga Studio 26 Friedensallee Hamburg, HH, 22765 Germany (map)

Cacao Ceremony & Heart Opening Yoga Flow

Come and join us for a Cacao Ceremony, Guided Meditation & a Heart Opening Yoga Flow, with Maddie Lynch (Yoga), Monika Barysch (Cacao Ceremony) and Olaf Reimers (Meditation).

Beautiful image taken from  Yoga At The Crossroads

Beautiful image taken from Yoga At The Crossroads

Cacao ceremonies have been around for thousands of years, performed by the indigenous tribes of Central America (including the Mayan's and the Aztec's). Cacao was then known as 'The Food of the God's', holding many medicinal, healing and spiritual properties.

Specifically known for it's heart opening properties, cacao is still drank ceremonially in circle today, to receive its many wonderful benefits.


Benefits of Ceremonial Cacao:

  • Helps us to release old stories or patterns that no longer serve us.

  • Emotional and spiritual healing (since Cacao is the foremost spirit medicine for the heart, encouraging love and forgiveness to enter and radiate through us at ever deeper levels, allowing healing and transformation to occur).

  • Helps us to connect to the unknown aspects of ourselves, and establish a profound awareness, allowing us to live better with grace and flow.

  • Increased blood flow to the brain creates more mental sharpness, agility, awareness and focus.

  • Cacao acts as a powerful natural anti-depressants by reducing physical and emotional stress

The Workshop:

In this workshop we will begin with a heart opening Yoga Flow led by Maddie, in order to prepare ourselves to receive the cacao in a state of peace an inner calm. We will then be led through a guided meditation by Olaf, before receiving the Cacao ceremony held by Monika.

Heart Opening Yoga Flow with Maddie

Heart Opening Yoga Flow with Maddie


-Heart Opening Yoga Flow with Maddie

-Guided Meditation by Olaf

-Introduction to Cacao by Monika

-Cacao Ceremony by Monika

-Closing Circle

-Optional Pot Luck Vegan Food Share

(We will provide some homemade vegan snacks to share at the end, if you would like to bring something to contribute and share that would be very welcomed although not essential).

Homemade vegan treats provided

Homemade vegan treats provided

Workshop Investment:

The pricing structure is community based.

SEED: First timer (regular price)

SPROUT: Attended 1 previous workshop/reiki session

SUNFLOWER: Attended 2 or more workshops/reiki sessions

For further information on this pricing system, check out my pricing section.

Cacao Ceremony

Your Workshop Leaders:

Monika Barysch:

Monika works as a Life & Holistic Health Coach, Naturopath, Plant Based Nutritionist and Yoga Therapist. Besides cacao ceremonies, she gives workshops in the fields of Yoga, Ayurveda, Spirituality, Personal Development, Plant Based Nutrition and Naturopathy. With her project Evolony she shares her profound knowledge in the mentioned fields, but above all the experience gained through her personal journey to a life full consciousness, (self-)love and harmony.

More about Monika & Evolony: or


Maddie Lynch:

Maddie is Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and Wild Woman Project Circle Leader. She has travelled around the world teaching Yoga, and is hosting international Women's Workshops and global retreats. Maddie is passionate about promoting self-love and empowerment among her students, with the intention of building a spiritual community who supports and lifts each other up.

For monthly blogs by Maddie, check out her website and blog:


Olaf Reimers:

Olaf is a dedicated practitioner of yoga, and is a certified Meditation Teacher. He teaches private meditation lessons, group sessions and children meditation. Asides from yoga and meditation, Olaf loves travelling, walking in nature, animal photography and vegan cooking.


Workshop Location:

This workshop is located at the Area Yoga Studio in Ottensen at Friedensalle 26.

Area Yoga Studio

Area Yoga Studio

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