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Activate your Intuition: A Workshop for the Wild Woman

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Intuition is a part of our innate feminine wisdom, acting as a bridge to the Higher realms, where we can tap in to receive messages, insights and guidance for our highest and greatest good.

In ancient times, it was so natural for women to be living in alignment with their intuition and with the cycles of nature. However in this chaotic modern day society, we are so overloaded with stimulus and often rely on technology and the outside world to govern our lives, rather than listening to whispers of the innate wisdom which lays within.

This workshop is for women looking to re-wild themselves. It’s all about tuning back into our deep inner knowing, and learning to TRUST the messages that we receive. To begin our intuition activation, we will be exploring a variety of tools and methods to reconnect and awaken our third eye chakra (the seat of our intuition) .

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The Schedule-

  • Opening Circle

  • Discover your Feminine Wisdom Talk

  • Third Eye Yoga Flow


  • Crystal Connection

  • Grounding Breath work

  • Third Eye Activation Meditation

  • Intuitive Partner Work

  • Closing Circle

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Your Workshop Leader-

This workshop is lead by Maddie Lynch (The Vegan Yogi Traveller). Maddie has a first class degree in Psychology, and is extremely passionate about combining positive psychology with spirituality in order to promote female empowerment and connection to the Higher Self. After studying and travelling the world, in 2017 she trained to become a Yoga Teacher in Rishikesh (India). Maddie has since taught yoga in India, Australia, the UK, Germany and Greece, and has since been running Women’s Workshops, Reiki shares and Moon Circles. Maddie is presently a Reiki Master (after 15 years of Reiki experience), and is based in Hamburg (Germany), spreading her passion and knowledge to the international community.

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This workshop will take place at ‘The AREA Yoga Studio’ in Ottensen. (Fridensalle 26).

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Workshop Investment:


If you wanted to join but were not able to, please let me know as if there is enough interest I will re-run this workshop in the future.

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