Corporate Yoga

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If you, your company, office or co-working space is looking to introduce a weekly (or occasional) lunch time yoga class, I would be happy to offer my skills and services. Yoga in the workplace can help to produce a calm and mindful environment, where employees are taught how to reduce their stress levels, through breath-work and yoga postures, creating an overall effect of enhanced well-being, employee empowerment, increased productivity and efficacy levels.

My yoga classes are taught in English, and would be best suited to either an international English speaking team, or a team comfortable with English, or one looking to improve their English language skills.

It’s so important for your employees to be able to get some movement and activity throughout the day. Especially as studies have highlighted that sitting for five+ hours per day, not only kills productivity levels, it also has the same health impact as smoking cigarettes.


Benefits of Yoga in the Workplace:

  • Decreased stress levels

  • Increased productivity

  • Increased creativity

  • Increased energy levels and reduced fatigue

  • Helps with focus and concentration

  • Less time taken off work (boosted immunity levels)

  • Alleviates physical ailments

  • Reductive of back pain

  • Increased positivity/morale

For further information of the benefits of yoga in the workplace, there are numerous articles available online.

How it works:



My services includes a consultation to identify your company goal’s for introducing yoga, including a taster yoga session. Depending on whether you resonate with the consultation plan and that your employees benefit from the complimentary session, we can build from there in carrying out a well-being plan for your workplace.


Tailored Program-

Depending on the needs of your company, I will tailor a program perfect for the need’s and goals of your employee’s (increased health and well-being, reduced absenteeism, stress management). This program might look like one yoga class (or more) a week, or it can also include a monthly workshop, covering topics such as how to manage and reduce stress levels, increasing productivity, adopting a positive mindset and how to effectively set and achieve goals.


Office Convenience-

I understand that the office space is designed for a place of productivity, and not for yoga. However we will make the best use of the space available for our class, as yoga truly can be practiced anywhere. For example, if there is no space for the use of yoga mats, then we can manage a standing yoga class, and we can even cover some yoga postures that are available to do on the desk chair.



In the office, I understand that some weeks may be busier than others, and sometimes there will be important meetings scheduled for employees on certain day’s and hours. So flexibility of these classes is easily managed to be rescheduled at a time that suits the office and your employee’s needs best.

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