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Intuitive Art, Goddess Workshops & Yogi Bliss Balls

Here you will find out to make your own yogi bliss balls, what book will help you to dive back into your Femininity, some personal favourite vegan restaurant recommendations, a channeled message about masculine energy and much more!

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Vegan Dinner Dates, New Friends & Pho

Find out how to make a veganised Traditional Vietnamese Pho, which book you should be reading next, how to make your own facial scrub and watch my guided Booty & Core Yoga workout video. 

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Top 10 Tips For Going Vegan

Deciding to go vegan but not sure where to start? This blog will give you my best tips on how to embrace a vegan lifestyle, while keeping healthy, happy and harmonious. Find out why veganism is good for your health, and how you can integrate veganism into your life without feeling like you’re rushing or confused. 

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