A Channeled New Moon Manifestation Ritual

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I just wanted to write a quick blog post, as today I had my second Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) session with Petra at Soul Talks (which was unintentionally on the New Moon). It’s also funny because our first session together was also unintentionally on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. So in other words, the energies were intense and we received a lot of profound information. The information we received from our first session has directed us towards working together and collaborating our energies in order to dive deeper into the Earth’s mysteries.

QHHT is essentially a tool used working with hypnosis, to drop the participant into a theta brain wave state, where they can access the subconscious mind (which remembers all past lives and experiences, and is tapped into Source energy). You can find out more about Petra and Soul Talks on her website or Facebook page.

For those who don’t know what QHHT is, you can find out more in my video below (including my first session experiences and diving into my past life as a Medicine Woman in an ancient Peruvian tribe).

So naturally being the New Moon, we wanted to receive some guidance from my Higher Self (as that is what is channeled through during the QHHT session), about a ritual to harness the energy of the New Moon for Manifestation. This was the guidance that was received:

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New Moon Manifestation Ritual-

  1. Play some music (without lyrics) and allow yourself to move your body in relation to how you’re feeling (don’t try to dance, simply move and tune in). This is to create a connection with your intuition and the Divine Feminine energy, by getting you out of your head, and feeling into your body.

  2. After moving your body for however long feels intuitively right to you, find a place to sit down where you will not be disturbed. You can then do some pranayama (breath work) to quiet and calm the mind to prepare for meditation. My personal favourite is Nadhi Shodhana (alternate nostril breathing), which you can learn how to do below this ritual.

  3. After a few rounds of Nadhi Shodhana (or any other breath work which feels right to you), allow yourself to enter into a state of meditation. Whether that be simply following the breath, or listening to a guided meditation online.

  4. After your meditation, write down on a piece of paper (in pen) your intentions of what you would like to manifest. These must be written in the present tense as though they are already true. They must also include an element of gratitude. (For example: I am so grateful I am travelling to Bali in April 2020). *

  5. After you have finished writing, allow yourself to close your eyes and visualise these manifestations coming true.

  6. Finally, allow yourself to put some up-beat/ecstatic music (without lyrics) on, and dance holding your intentions. Dance from a state of joy, happiness and excitement that you have manifested all that you set out too. This state of joy with combination with dancing and gratitude, will allow you to transfer onto the vibration of receiving.

  7. Allow yourself to TRUST in the Universe that whatever is meant for your Highest and greatest good will manifest, and SURRENDER to the process. Allow yourself to release all attachment to the outcome and have faith that you are being Divinely guided.

*For any Sisters who are also currently bleeding with the New Moon, the guidance was received that our menstrual blood is very sacred, and is a powerful tool for manifestation. Therefore you can include the use of your menstrual blood with your intentions when that feels right for you.

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I hope you have enjoyed this channeled New Moon Manifestation Ritual, please let me know how you get on with it in the comments. If you’re interested in finding out more, or booking a QHHT session with Petra, you can reach out to her on facebook.


The Wild Woman Project New Moon Circle

If you’re based in Hamburg, Germany and would like to attend our upcoming Wild Woman Project New Moon Circle, check out our event for this Saturday (co-hosted with Creative Night’s). Where we will be making our own dream catchers for this New Moon in Leo. Further information here.

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Maddie is an International Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and a Wild Woman Project Circle Leader, who has travelled the world and lived in four different countries (and six cities). She has a first class degree in Psychology, and has many holistic interests such as vegan nutrition, sustainable living and female empowerment. Maddie is currently living in Hamburg (Germany), where she is teaching yoga in English at five different studios, hosting a wide variety of workshops for women (moon circles, reiki events, yoga, cacao ceremonies & more), and is hosting global Yoga & Spiritual Retreats around the world. If you are in Hamburg, you can connect with Maddie through her Meetup group ‘Hamburg Reiki, Yoga & Meditation’, where you can find a list of all of her events and yoga classes.

You can read more about Maddie’s story and journey on featured article of Travels by Teslin.

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