Six Rituals to Harness the New Energies of Spring


She’s arrived.

She’s arrived.

Finally we’ve reached the Spring Equinox, marking the half way period between Winter and Summer. The sun light begins to dance into our day for a longer period of time, reminding us that the light always returns back to us, no matter how dark previous times have been. The illuminating light of spring, represents fresh and new beginnings, allowing us to plant new seeds of intentions and to nurture our internal gardens.

In many ancient civilizations around the globe, the Spring Equinox was celebrated and honored with various rituals, in order to cleanse out the old energies and make room for the new. Below are a few Spring ritual ideas you might like to try out:

1. Create an Altar

Create an altar as a sacred space for you to set intentions, practice gratitude, connect with your guides & meditate.

Create an altar as a sacred space for you to set intentions, practice gratitude, connect with your guides & meditate.

In order to honor the new change of season, and welcome in the Spring energies, you might like to create an altar; which you can use for intention setting, practicing gratitude and meditation.

Creating an altar is a spiritual practice of carefully selecting and arranging meaningful, symbolic items, in order to create a sacred space for spiritual transformation and awakening. Creating an altar will hold a space for you to raise your vibration and deepen your connection to spirit.

Perhaps you would like to dedicate your altar to welcoming the fresh energies of Spring, by placing flowers or seeds on there. You can also write down your spring intentions, and keep them on your altar to harness the energies of manifestation.

Some items you might like to place on your altar could be:

  • Your favourite crystals

  • Your favourite smelling incense

  • Your special photographs

  • Some seeds or fresh flowers (to represent the earth element)

  • A candle (to represent the fire element)

  • A sea shell (to represent the water element)

  • A feather (to represent the air element)

  • Shamanic tools

  • Oracle/tarot cards

  • Any trinkets or statues or personal meaning to you

  • Your intentions and affirmations

Our beautiful altar at our Bloom into Spring Intuitive Art & Yoga Workshop. 

Our beautiful altar at our Bloom into Spring Intuitive Art & Yoga Workshop. 

Some tips to create your altar:

  • Find a special space in your home (where you spend a lot of time)

  • Take your time to intentional create your altar with all of the things that you love

  • Place objects on your altar which symbolise what you wish to bring into your life

  • Set an intention to use your altar as your sacred space to meditate, journal and ask for guidance

  • Take time each day to acknowledge your altar and revisit or set new intentions

  • Cleanse your altar with burning sage or pala santos when you feel drawn to do so


2. Declutter your Space


If you want to welcome in the new, fresh energies, then we must first release all of the old stagnant energies, which are no longer serving us. We’ve all heard of a good Spring Clean after all, but it actually serves a deeper energetic purpose than we may realise. Often we can hold onto a lot of junk or clutter which we never actually use, which is taking up a lot of mental and energetic space. So in order to make room for the new, we must first clear out the old.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself about whether you should keep something or release it:

  • Does this item provide me with daily joy (YES =Keep, NO =Release)

  • Am I still receiving value from this item? (YES =Keep, NO =Release)

  • Have I used this item within the past 3 months? (YES =Keep, NO =Release)

  • Is this item I’m not using now easy and cheap to replace? (YES =Release, NO =Keep)

  • Will someone else get more use and value out of this item than me? (YES =Release, NO =Keep)

Keep only things which you still use and still hold value for you.

Keep only things which you still use and still hold value for you.


If you find it hard to let go of items even if you’re not using them, you can practice gratitude for the purpose they once served in your life. You can personally thank each item, for all that they have brought you, and now acknowledge that they are no longer serving you or your energetic space. You can then donate or give away these items to an organisation or someone else who may benefit and make more use of them.

3. Declutter Your Mind


Just as important as it is to clear our your physical space, it is if not more so important, to clear out your mental space. In other words letting go of old thought patterns, beliefs of fears which are no longer serving the person you want to become. This might look like, releasing the belief that you’re not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, talented enough etc

Maybe this looks like instead of looking in the mirror and mentally listing all of the things you don’t like about yourself, instead looking in the mirror and acknowledging what you do like and love about yourself.

When we let go of old self-destructive thought patterns, we can make room for a more uplifting and empowering way of thinking.

Maybe you can swap:

  • Judgement for acceptance

  • Comparison for appreciation

  • Competition for collaboration

  • Self criticism for compassion


A great way to begin to release damaging thought patterns, is to develop an attitude of gratitude. When we’re focused on the vibration of love and gratitude, we physically have no room for anything else. If we can begin to switch our thoughts, to those of gratitude, we can live a happy and peaceful life. Just after you wake up, or before you go to bed is a great time to practice gratitude, where you can write down three things you’re grateful for and why.

4. Create a Spring Goddess


To become more in-tune with the Divine Feminine Essence of Mother Nature, you might like to create a piece of intuitive art work to represent the Spring Energies. Maybe that would be through painting, drawing or through multi-media collage.

Here are some tips to creating your own intuitive art collage:

  • Find some magazine/computer images and colours which resonate with the energies of Spring

  • Have a play around to see which lay out of the image feels intuitively good to you

  • Stick them down, add some extra art crafts if you have any such as glitter or paints

  • Place your Spring Goddess collage on your altar and meditate with her to see what messages she has for you


Don’t take too long thinking about your planning your art, allow it to flow naturally and intuitively into order to tap into the Divine Feminine Nature of fluidity.

For further information on Intuitive Art & Collage, check out Heather Hoep’s website, where you can receive access to a free online class.

5. Take a Flower Bath

Photo taken from @Mamaedicine.

Photo taken from @Mamaedicine.

The good news is, don’t have to go to Bali to take a flower bath (although of course that would be very nice). You can create your own flower bath ritual in the comfort of your own home, and allow yourself to consciously wash away any old energies, and cleanse yourself ready for the new season of Spring.

For your flower bath you can::

  • Light lots of candles and burn your favourite incense

  • Dry brush your dead skin cells away before your bath (in line with Ayurvedic traditions)

  • Add Himalayan or Epson salts to the water to help cleanse your body

  • Add a few drops of lavender essential oil for deep relaxation

  • Add fresh flower petals to the water (consciously picked or bought)

  • Take time out just for you and completely let go and relax


While you’re in the bath, you can visualise yourself washing away all of your mental, physical and spiritual ‘impurities’. When you drain the water from the bath afterwards, see all of those impurities travel down the drain and as no longer yours to hold onto.

6. Set your Spring Intentions

Create a sacred space for you to set your spring intentions.

Create a sacred space for you to set your spring intentions.

This Spring Equinox is believed to be more energetically powerful than that of the energies January this New Year. Instead this Spring, we enter an Astrological New Year of returning back to Aries (the first sign in the Zodiac). So this is the perfect time for you tor refocus and set new intentions for the next astrological year ahead.

Here are some tips for writing your intentions:

  • Find some quiet time alone where you won’t be disturbed

  • Set up your space, or light a candle on your altar

  • Place some soft, relaxing music

  • Write your intentions either in a special journal or on a fresh piece of paper

  • Write your intentions in pen (as symbolically these can not be changed or erased)

  • Write your intentions in the present tense and as though you have already achieved/manifested what you set to bring in

  • Meditate on your intentions and place them either on your by your altar

  • Send them good energy each morning and each night before bed

  • Visualize each intention coming true and allow yourself to feel to the joy of receiving


There is nothing that is too big to wish for. As long as you know the WHY you want this intention and how it will serve you and others for the greatest good, then the Universe will allow it to manifest as long as you stay in alignment with the energy of receiving (though practicing gratitude).

Practice gratitude for a happy & peaceful life.

Practice gratitude for a happy & peaceful life.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog, and that you can find some inspiration to practice your own Spring rituals. I would love to hear how you get on with them, so please feel free to leave a comment on this blog post.

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Maddie studied Psychology at university in the UK, and since travelled the world and lived in four different countries at 23 years old. She is now an International Yoga Teacher (trained in India), and Reiki Master. She is currently living in Hamburg, Germany, and is teaching yoga and running a variety of spiritual workshops, with the aim of helping others to become more in alignment with their higher selves.